Is Collaborative Divorce for You?

A Collaborative Divorce can have many advantages over a court-based divorce:

• The ability to move on with your life as quickly as you and your spouse agree, rather than waiting for a court date.

• The opportunity to be in control of your own future without regard to who has the most assertive attorney.

• The ability to decide custody and financial issues jointly with long-term child development and financial advice.

• The power to move forward with your lives with a focus on the future.

• Dad talking to son.jpgThe chance to save money because a collaborative divorce can cost less than a court divorce, while providing enhanced value.

• The protection of privacy since the details of your divorce will be between you and your spouse, rather than being aired publicly.

• The primary focus on your children when making long-term plans.

• The focus on a mutually-beneficial outcome through a financial settlement that takes into account the well-being of both parties.

• The intention to remain on good terms with your former partner or spouse by reducing animosity when making decisions regarding your children.

• The protection of positive relationships with your children after the divorce.

• And finally, the choice to prevent even more pain and anguish, which can be the result of a courtroom battle.